Nico is a very well established commercials director, a wonderful storyteller who fills his films with strong performances. His chemistry of subtle wit and humour, visual storytelling and a beautiful cinematic aesthetic sets his work apart. He’s a real all-rounder with examples of great performance, visual, kids, comedy, VFX on his reel. There’s very little he can’t turn his hand to. He established his memorable storytelling style early on in his career, his commercials for Atletico Madrid earned him two Bronze Cannes Lions, were shown at Museum of Modern Art in NY and at Reina Sophia Museum in Madrid. Since then he’s worked with clients such as Nintendo, Vodafone, Coca Cola, Ikea, Turkish Airlines, Nissan, Samsung, Panasonic, British Telecom, McDonald’s, Skoda, Fiat, HSBC, Chrysler to name but a few.

He believes the strongest ads are always the result of a great idea and collaboration between the agency, the client and his team.

Sure we’re only delighted to have him on board.

You can watch Nico’s reel HERE